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 The Batwa Artisians combine age old techniques to craft the finest quality baskets and jewellery using available and recycled materials. You can display our products with the knowledge that you are empowering the Batwa Community and inspiring stories of strength and beauty.

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Beauty Crafted From the Land

About us

We are are non-profit organization

Our mission focus is the four "R's": REDEEM, RESTORE, REBUILD, RAISE UP. The Batwa have been held under captivity of both being separated from God and as conservation refugees. The struggle has been real. The hope is that through being the hands and feet of Jesus, Hope Ministries Uganda will help free the Batwa from captivity and they will discover a relationship with the living God. They will no longer be called unworthy. They have a new name and a new life. God is not done with them.

You can help by purchasing the beautiful, lovingly, handcrafted products we have available on our site or by making a donation through the ministry page.  Thank you and please check back with us often as we will add product as we get it.

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